Moolmanshoek Lesotho Trails

Discover your adventurous side and experience the Mountain Kingdom on horseback. Our horses are sure-footed and agile. Trust your horse to take you through the mountains of Lesotho with different terrain around every corner. Not for the faint-hearted and quite technical this ride will challenge you to trust your equine partner. A once in a lifetime experience, the views are spectacular, and the sense of accomplishment afterwards is priceless…

Other Lesotho rides


Explore the northern peaks of Lesotho

This ride starts at Maliba Lodge travelling north between Oxbow and Afriski and venturing out to Mont-Aux Sources. Overlook the top of the Tugela Falls and the Amphitheatre of the Royal Natal National Park on horseback. An unforgettable experience.


Summer trip

On this trip you will explore the most scenic and amazing waterfalls in Lesotho. Situated towards the more southern parts of Lesotho the area is quite remote and unspoiled. Waterfalls such as Maletsunyane Falls near Semonkong which is the highest waterfall in Southern Africa, will also be viewed on this trip. Included in our packages is a horse booked for the time in Lesotho, transport of horses, tack, accommodation, meals, back-up vehicles and of course your guide. Not included is your own transportation to and from the ride, drinks, refreshments, and snacks.