Knitted tightly into the Moomanshoek ethos is Leadership Development, through our Leadership Centre (LDC). Situated 2 km from the Moolmanshoek Lodge is the base for the LDC and our hiking trails, with three types of accommodation for groups:

  • The ‘Skeerhokke’ can accommodate up to 100 persons in two large dormitories.
  • The Hikers Hut can accommodate 16 hikers or other persons.
  • 9 double rooms, four of them with their own bathrooms.
  • Camping in our informal campsite

We believe that every life experience contributes to personal development and growth. With this belief in mind our programmes are crafted in such a way to equip our visitors to be more influential and mature leaders.

The LDC promotes moral values and norms that are Christ like and Biblically based. It is our hope that in doing so we can have a positive impact on every individual visitor’s life and those they influence.

moolmanshoek ldc youth camps

Youth Camps

At the core of Moolmanshoek LDC you will find that we have a passion to equip leaders. Over almost two decades now, we have discovered a niche for ourselves.

moolmanshoek ldc mens and womens camps

Mens and Womens Camps

Our adult camps are aimed at giving adult men and woman the chance to experience the great outdoors whilst fellowshipping around themes that draws out ones heart.

moolmanshoek ldc adult retreats

Adult Retreats

We host retreats for adults during the Winter months. We annually have at least four weekend for married couples where our main aim is to help husbands and wives rediscover the glory or their marriage and union.


Don’t wait for that rainy day to experience Moolmanshoek and what it offers…  book your stay today and enjoy our fantastic sceneries, our amazing activities and do not forget the best part… our world of splendor when it comes to accommodation, food and hospitality.